Dave Kester

DAVE KESTER brings his faith to his personal and business life. He and his wife Julie have opened their home to be stretched in culture, relationships, and religion. They have provided a safe environment for newcomers to our city.

“To be a man of God is to be in constant focus of the realities of the Spiritual world.  There are so many issues involved with leading others – whether it be your family or other people God is allowing you to influence.  It all starts with having a servant heart and putting ourselves in a servant role.”  

“God seems to make a habit of humbling me so much that I have to laugh sometimes.  It is all too easy to just follow what comes “natural.”  For some, that means being passive.  For others, it means being dominant. A true man of God is listening to God’s voice to determine when it is time to be firm, when grace is needed, when is it time to say no, and when to go along. A man of God will always go the extra mile to preserve relationships while not compromising truth. A man of God will make sure that he sets time to be away from the noise of life to be able to hear the Still, Small Voice.”