You want to make a difference.  You are busy.  Your schedule is full.
But you don’t want to run the race of your life and miss the mark.
It would be amazingly simple if men and women of God could arrive by front door delivery. “Click now to  receive the “man of God” skin and heart – if you order by March 31st the shipping is free.” No work. No pain. No effort. Just download it to my OS and I will start today!
In the first century the man of God nexus was a given.
We must rediscover man of God principles already etched into human soil.
Our Nexus story is built around “the man of God proposition” offered in the Bible:
  • There is a Living God.
  • He has carefully spoken.
  • He rewards men and women who fear and follow Him by faith.
  • He transforms us into His instruments to produce His music – His rhythm.
  • His Son IS His symphony brought near as the gift of Truth to the world.
  • It is His desire that every man become His man – a man of God.
This ManofGodNEXUS.com effort is meant to offer you help in the process of becoming a man of God.